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Jenolan Caves Run

Caves House
After a very early start due to Daylight Saving starting at 2:00am , 6 cars met at Maccas on the M4 to have cups of coffee and some breakfast for a 7:00 am departure up the mountains.
Traffic was exceptionally light all the way through to Jenolan Caves.We picked up Sandy and Susan some way uo the mountains to make a convoy of 5 Toranas, a VE Commodore and a CV8 Monaro.. The last 10 ks into Jenolan Caves are not really that pleasant due to the narrowness of the road and the twisty turns. No wonder you can only do 40 kmh going down this stretch of road.

After reaching the car park we then strolled down to the main office after a while and paid our entry fee. We then wandered down along the road into the tunnel  and had a look at some of the sites before meeting up with our guide.

We then followed her to the Imperial Cave for a 90 minute sojourn through its maze of tunnels.Fortunately it was not a hard walk but it did mean some ducking under low rocks and climbing at least 600 steps to get to the end and then return the same way.
The sight of the rock formation along  with stalactites and stalagmites was truly amazing especially when you consider how long it has taken to form it.
We learned of its history on how it was formed and how it was discovered during the 1800’s. We consider ourselves lucky today in that we have electricity to lifght up the wonders of these caves as the discovers of these caves only had candles to find their way.
We were given a demonstration of how dark it can get when the lights were turned off and we stood there in pitch darkness. According to our guide 1 intrepid explorer was finding his way through these caves but ran out of candles and matches.  He ended up staying where he was for 36 hours until rescued by his dog when his wife reorted him missing when he did not return home that night.How easy we have it today.
Unfortunately for Robyne, she struggled to walk for most of the way due to a very sore and very black toe after she accidently kicked it the night before..but she made it.

When it was all over we decided to head to Oberon for some lunch at one of the local pubs and to gey some fuel as some of of were a little low. My fault, had intended to get fuel at Mt Victoria but drove past the last petrol station.

After a hearty lunch we then headed for our cars for the long trip home as there was a footy Grand Final that needed to be watched seeing that Simon and Denise are huge South Sydney fans.
But lo and behold Simon struck trouble with an alternator staying on before we left Oberon. A call to the NRMA did not really solve the problem buy he was still able to get home.
Jurgen and Robyne statred  having overheating problems and the engine cutting out after striking bumper to bumper traffic just east of Leura. Once we got through this snarl the car performed perfectly for the rest of the run home.

Overall an excellent day was had by all.Even Donna  had a quiet day day with no dramas unfolding

Photos of the caves here: http://s1347.photobucket.com/user/sydneytoranaclub/library/Jenolan%20caves

Those who attended were:

Jurgen, Robyne and Cooper          Red LJ

Craiig and Janene                         Orange LC

Donnah                                       Yellow LH

Alan and Denise                          CV8 Monaro

Simon, Sarah and lily                   VE Commodore

Mark and Jess                             Pink LH

Sand, Suan, Cameron, Caitlin and Josh   White LJ


Jurgen Hoomans

Windsor Ghost Tour


Macquarie arms HotelAwesome night out at Windsor on Saturday night  (20/9/14) for the Ghost Tour, thanks to all who attended!

Not the usual STC run this time around. A Saturday evening run and a ghost tour. A small group of around 15 met at the Macquarie Arms Hotel for a few drinks and a wonderful dinner as only pubs can provide. After dinner we wandered around the corner to be met by our host to begin our 2 hour tour.

Late comers Paul and Sharon Gatt arrived just as the tour commenced and were welcomed to the tour group.

With the walking shoes donned it was of to the first stop. We were back to the pub for a talk and tour or the underground cellar no ghosts just plenty of beer. Then it was off to the various homes around the Windsor CBD. Fascinating history of these old places but unfortunately no access to these places were permitted as they were either privately owned or not available to look at. Ghost count : 0

We ended up at the old Toll Gate  then onto the original burial ground where convicts were buried in unmarked graves. Nothing exists today as all the bodies have been washed away by floods over the last 150 years. A stone and a plaque commemorates to spot. Ghost count : 0

It was a bit of a shame the Ghosts may have called in sick hat night or to busy looking for their bones. on a positive note our guide was quite knowledgeable with the local history and seemed to keep the group enthralled and entertained through out the tour.

Interesting night but  even though we did not see any ghosts the group got a scream. Donnah had the life scared out of her when we visited 1 residence and the owner let her 3 dogs out (who let the dogs out?). Donnah jumped and let out a scream, the look on her face was priceless. That alone was worth the price of admission and the visit.

After checking out all of the sites we made our way back to the pub tired legs and all for a quick group photo shoot before going on our way. The rumour going around is somebody now sleeps with the lights on, I wonder who that may be.

Run report by  : Jurgen Hoomans.

Those who attended were:

Donnah Danswan.

Craig Carter & Janene Stephensen.

Troy Hippe & partner.

Jurgen & Robyne Hoomans.

Sandy & Susan Ferrier and kids.

Darren Kylie & Cory Hayward.

Paul & Sharon Gatt.



Muscle Car Masters 2014

Well another STC event and another rain filled day. This is starting to become a habit. Nevertheless 13 Toranas 2 VE’s, a VZ, a VS, a Corolla and a Ford made the STC convoy  to watch the past greats of Australian motorsport thunder around Sydney Motorsport park.
We met at McDonalds on the M4. Simon handed out the passes and the Run sheets we are trialing to get more member input into run reports. With passes affixed to windscreens we were off in convoy for the five minute journey to the creek. Turning onto Peter Brock Drive Dean Moodie nearly had a new hood ornament in the shape of a kangaroo as the poor frightened little guy bounded across the road millimetres from his bumper. With the recent wet attendance to the MCM was a little down which made entry a breeze and the cars we parked up in no time.
It was great to see to STC display with so many cars  but we were piped at the post by the HSV/HDT club with a very impressive setup. The club got a great level spot with great views of the of the track. It was a great vantage point…until the rain! Everyone filtered off for the day trade stands were a little light on this year but the usual suspects were still there. Mothers polish display had Howard Astills Mustang on display which was simply beautiful close up the level of detail is amazing and the dash looks like it came from the factory when in actual fact it is MX5.
Meanwhile the usual pit walk around was fantastic. The display of racing machinery with racing pedigree was amazing. I cant believe how many of these cars survived and still being campaigned today. Club member Steve Axisa was racing  his Gemini and his pit crew Gavin Adamson and Al Stratton were hard at work spinning the spanners. Martin Bishop was busy scrutineering and Les Wilson was crewing for Scott Fleming.
The racing was great with a highlight being the Mini Vs Mustang Challenge. With the deluge eastern creek recieved all day it was the Minis who had the distinct advantage. The Big old Henrys just spun up the tyres allowing the minis to scoot off with the lead. Since when did HQ racing evolve from the demo derby it used to be? Nearly 50 cars fronted for a wet start yet there was no accidents and only one or two spins it was just close fantastic racing with loads of battles right through the pack. Heart stopping moments were a plenty. Especially the Group A and C racing. Real deal historic racing cars at full throttle into turn one (which was basically fog from all the spray) luckily it was uneventful and no damage caused.

A remembrance lap for Harry and Sir Jack was a nice touch. Its amazing to think that most of the significant Aussie muscle Car had a magic hand waved over them by one of these two.

Featured muscle marques parade lap included Club member Steve Henessy in his pristine SL/R 5000. He joined Bob Byrnes and another L34, Mustangs, Minis FPV’s and Brock Commodores  for the laps. It’s my biased opinion but the Torries were easily the best looking muscle cars out there.
Around mid afternoon the persistent showers got the better of most. With members filtering out the gate and heading for home. Shame about the rain but all in all a brilliant day out as usual.
Pictures here:
Report By Simon R
Those who attended the day were:
Simon R: LX SS
Alan R: CV8-Z
Daniel D: LJ XU-1
Donnah D: LH SL/R
Wayne N: LC Coupe
Jurgen H + Jarrad S: LJ Coupe
Dean M + Stan : LX Hatch
Greg J + Norm C: LJ Coupe
Craig C: LC GTR
Ken S + Matt S: LX A9X
Troy H: LC sedan
Greg G Nick G and George G: Corolla
Terry H: LX Hatch
Greg M: LH SL/R 5000
Steve H: LH SL/R 5000
Sandy F + Kevin H LJ sedan
STC in Pit Lane:
Steve A
Gavin A
Al S
Les W
Martin B
Matt H
Guests of the STC:
Darren: VX
Matt N: VF SS
Pete B: VE SS
Mick M: Ford XK
AJ D: VS Calais

All Holden Day 2014

After a very cold start to the morning (apparently the coldest August day in 4 years), more than 20 cars lined up to be viewed by the public.Unfortunately Sandy did not think it was that cold with just his shirt and no jumper while everyone else froze (especially Kylie and Denise)Numbers were down on previous years but we still managed to put on a good show for all to see. The day turned out to be beautiful and sunny with a great selection of cars to view and a lot of cars being viewed for the first time.. We received quite a lot of inquiries  from the public with the end result being that we obtained 3 new members to our ranks.We extend them a warm welcome to our club.
To the winners the Spoils, Congratulations Al Straton and Greg Jackson on their trophy wins and an extra big congratulations to John Repeti who scored the perpetual trophy for car of the day with his gorgeous Black SS 308
Other club members turned up during the day as spectators.including Keith Cunningham, Tony Natoli, Susan Ferrier and children,Pete and Daniel McGlynn, Belinda and Matt Peacock and James and Amanda Maggs. My apologies to any other members whose name does not appear. message the committee to add your name.
Dave Ball elected himself for the run report this time around its on its way via snail mail so a more comprehensive report will be added when it gets here thanks to Jurgen for the interim few words.

A list of members who attended on the day were:

Greg Jackson                           Purple LJ

Simon, Sarah & Lily Reid      Orange LX

Al Stratton                                White & Back LX

Alan & Denise Reid                 White HB

Ralph Falcone                           Aqua LX

David Ball                                  Red LJ

Brian Apap                                 Green LH & White LH

Len Brown                                 Red & Black LX

Stuart & Carol Hutchinson      Gold & White LJ

Phillip Carabilsios                      Persian LH

Greg Manion                               Casino Blue LH

Wally Toscan                              White LC

Terry Hill                                     Grey LX

Darren & Kylie Hayward          White LX

Les Wilson                                 Blue LC

Sandy Ferrier                           White LJ

Donnah Danswan                   Yellow LH

John Rapiti                              Black LX
Steve Henessy                        White SL/R 5000
Steve Woolard                        Red LX


Jurgen Hoomans






Motorlife museum


 Sunday 20th July 2014

Starting off at McDonalds at Padstow under a cloudy morning we made our way to Stanwell Tops via Waterfall. The drive itself was uneventful, just a pleasant drive along some great winding  roads. There were quite a lot of cyclists riding along the road but at least they were going in the opposite direction.

By the time we reached Stanwell Tops we felt that we should have stayed in our cars. The scenery was fantastic but the wind just seemed to howl through which made it quite cold. It must have been  very cold as Kylie Hayward wrapped her face in her scarf with only small slits for her eyes to see. We then made our way down the mountain and along the coast with Pete and Daniel joining us from near Wollongong. Unfortunately, as we got near the freeway, Darren and Kylie lost their way. Jurgen and Robyne pulled over to help guide them by mobile but ended losing sight of the rest of the field and became lost themselves. They finally found their way and were the last to arrive at the Car Museum.

We all finally made our way into the Museum and marvelled at the selection of old cars, caravans, bikes and a lot of other bygone items that you never see anymore. Pretty fascinating stuff and was enjoyed by all. After a photoshoot at the Museum we made our way to the local pub for lunch and refreshments. As pub food goes the food was excellent. After a lot of socialising we then headed to our cars for the trip home. Overall, an enjoyable day was had by all.

Run report by Jurgen Hoomans

Thanks to Janene & Robyne for photos

Those who attended were:

Simon, Sarah and Lily Reid                      Papaya  LX SS Hatchback
Stuart and Carol Hutchinson                   Gold  LJ sedan
Wayne Northey                                           Green LC
Craig Carter and Janene Stephenson     Turnpike Orange LC
Jurgen and Robyne Hoomans                  Red LJ
Harvey Atkins                                              Red LX
Justin Kirk                                                   Red LC
Donnah Danswan                                      Yellow LH
Trevor  and Margret Richardson           Green LH
MIchael Muller                                          Red LC
Darren and Kylie Hayward                     White/Black LX Hatchback
Terry and Glenda Hill                              Grey LX
Alan and Denise Reid                               CV8 Monaro
Pete and Daniel McGlynn                        VZ Ute
Peter Richardson and Tanu Dass         Subaru WRX
Loren, Peter and Cameron                 Green VE SS





Motorlife parkingtrip to motorlife

Penrith Fire Museum

15 June 2014 Penrith Museum of Fire


Those who attended:
David Ball Red LJ
Sandy Ferrier White LJ
Darren and Corey Hayward White LX Hatch
Peter and Daniel McGlin Blue VZ Ute
Craig and Janene Carter Orange LC GTR
Jurgen and Robyne Hoomans Red LJ
Donnah Danswan Orange Toyota 86
Simon and Lily Reid Orange SS Hatch
Al Stratton (vehicle not noted)


With the heavens threatening we departed Mcdonalds on the M4 westbound around 8.30am. 5 Toranas (1 LC, 3 LJ and 1 LX) a Holden Ute and a Toyota 86 (yes Donnahs car is still broken) headed for the Mulgoa road exit. Unusually for this run Pete and Daniel actually made it to the meeting point without getting lost and Sandy had turned up on time and by himself…..strange days.

It was only a short trip to the museum of fire located at the old  Penrith power station just past Panthers. Outside the museum the working truck show was in full swing. A Beatles tribute band was rockin the joint with a string of covers, Kids screaming and laughing on the carnival rides and a bevy of Trucks ,Static engines and utes.

Most were gleaming looking better than they did when they rolled off the production line. I say most because there were a few there that I believe have not been washed since new and new was 1941! I’d like to know since when was moss and lichen considered a paint finish? A few standouts were a very nice Chevy C20 big blocked supercharged nitrous equipped truck with rear meat usually at home on a top fuel dragster. I can only assume it is used for “line marking”. The second just stood out. It was a bright pink tractor, talk about pimp my tractor……liberachie style! (see pictures)

$15.00 covered show and museum entry so it was off inside to check out the fire engines. The museum was smaller than I thought (being in such a large building) but what was there was quality over quantity with every thing well restored and laid out from the beginnings of fire fighting with a display of turn of the century hand pumped horse drawn carts right up to a relatively modern 1990’s Dennis fire engine.

Did you know that tail shafts can explode in the event of a car fire? Neither did I. There was one on display or more like what was left of oneAs the group gathered out the front ready for a bus ride Simon and his Daughter Lily arrived they had waited at Mcdonalds for any late comers and for Lily to have a few go’s on the slippery slide (there was a mix up on departure times better to be safe than sorry).We all piled onto the Bus, it was an old 60’s double decker.The trip took about ten minutes but took some members back years. Let me just say there were more than a few members telling stories about riding on these buses (not just Dave).

Returning to the truck show Al Stratton appeared for a look see so again it was time to have look around and listen to a bit of comedy courtesy of the musician on stage (can’t think of his name) he kept himself looking young with oil of ‘Boourban’ (say it like oil of ulan). He asked if anybody else was from Penrith…..because he was looking for a lift home plus many other one liners, he was quite entertaining.

By now it was 12.00 and bellies were rumbling so it was over the road to the Peach Tree Inn for some lunch and a refreshing beverage. The meals were well priced and delicious. Lily managed to spill her ‘memonade’ in to the lap of Jurgen luckily for him he narrowly missed out on a 40 minute drive home with wet undies only suffering a slightly wet knee.

Lunch finished and with nobody having any luck with the meat tray we headed our separate ways only to see about 2 minutes later an orange LC in the servo bonnet up and Craig starring into it. Jurgen (still suffering from a wet knee) and Simon pulled over to help with a rescue mission which turned out to be an empty hydraulic clutch reservoir and a leaking line, quick repairs were made and it was off home. Thankfully with no other problems and weather holding off. In the door by 3.00pm after an enjoyable day.

Report and pics by Simon


Ñ  IMG_20140615_122631 (2)



Aqua Golf


Sunday 19th January 2014

a good way to start the year with yet another great run by stc, we started this morning at 9am with a handful of us at what was going to be m4 maccas but with the maccas filled with aston martins we moved to the next car park. after waiting a while to see if anyone else was going to show we decide to head on down the road which was only for a minute after simon’s torie decided it didnt need another bolt for the alternator. everyone pulled over and made sure he was right then we made a move once again to aqua golf where we met a few more members. after a good whack at the holey golf balls we moved onto a great pub lunch at wallacia pub where we also picked up a few more members. after good food good beverages and good company members made a leave at all different times to conclude a good run.

Those who attended on the day were:
Donnah D
David Ball
Simon R
Brian Ashcroft
Jason Ashcroft
Gavin Adamson
Steve Axisa
Keith Cunningham
Peter McGlin
Ralph Falcone
Matt & Amanda Rowe
James & Amanda Maggs
Aqua 1   Aqua 2
Aqua 3   Aqua 4
Aqua 5    Aqua 6

24hour Fight Against Cancer Car Show


Sunday 17th November 2013

Despite the light rain most of the day, Alan & Denise, Simon, Dave & Jane represented the club at this fundraising event in Campbelltown.
The rain had the number of cars attending on the day down a little but the organisers were still pleased with a little over $12000.00 being raised for cancer research at Campbelltown Hospital.

McHappy Day


Saturday 9th November 2013

Due to a mix up with the dates, our annual McHappy Day it wasnt a big turn out. But we still managed 17 cars on the day and were able to donate over $500 to the charity. The manager was impressed with our display an even noted he had one of the busiest hours while we where there. Everyone had a great day and had some fun, even scored some bargains at the auctions, except Tony who missed out on an award; maybe will need to get him one for best VP .


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