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Aqua Golf


Sunday 19th January 2014

a good way to start the year with yet another great run by stc, we started this morning at 9am with a handful of us at what was going to be m4 maccas but with the maccas filled with aston martins we moved to the next car park. after waiting a while to see if anyone else was going to show we decide to head on down the road which was only for a minute after simon’s torie decided it didnt need another bolt for the alternator. everyone pulled over and made sure he was right then we made a move once again to aqua golf where we met a few more members. after a good whack at the holey golf balls we moved onto a great pub lunch at wallacia pub where we also picked up a few more members. after good food good beverages and good company members made a leave at all different times to conclude a good run.

Those who attended on the day were:
Donnah D
David Ball
Simon R
Brian Ashcroft
Jason Ashcroft
Gavin Adamson
Steve Axisa
Keith Cunningham
Peter McGlin
Ralph Falcone
Matt & Amanda Rowe
James & Amanda Maggs
Aqua 1   Aqua 2
Aqua 3   Aqua 4
Aqua 5    Aqua 6

24hour Fight Against Cancer Car Show


Sunday 17th November 2013

Despite the light rain most of the day, Alan & Denise, Simon, Dave & Jane represented the club at this fundraising event in Campbelltown.
The rain had the number of cars attending on the day down a little but the organisers were still pleased with a little over $12000.00 being raised for cancer research at Campbelltown Hospital.

McHappy Day


Saturday 9th November 2013

Due to a mix up with the dates, our annual McHappy Day it wasnt a big turn out. But we still managed 17 cars on the day and were able to donate over $500 to the charity. The manager was impressed with our display an even noted he had one of the busiest hours while we where there. Everyone had a great day and had some fun, even scored some bargains at the auctions, except Tony who missed out on an award; maybe will need to get him one for best VP .

Cops ‘n’ Rodders Show


Sunday 10th November 2013

Yes it rained, but we still had a good club prescence.
After meeting at Padstow Maccas we travelled the short distance to Engadine where entry to the show was mush better than last year – not perfect but better.
We were able to set up and erect our tent before the rain set in for the day.
There were brief periods where the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance which allowed us time to have a look at the rest of the cars on display.
Despite the rain there was still plenty to see and do and the hot food was a blessing, even for those who tried to keep warm by spilling gravy down the front of their shirts.

Attending were:
Dave – Red LJ Sedan
Ian – Tangerine XU1
Alan & Denise – Yellow Hatch
Craig – Orange LC GTR
Matt – Silver LX Sedan
Matt – Blue LX Sedan
Simon – Orange LX Hatch
Donnah – Yellow LX Sedan
Belinda – Pink LX Sedan
Phillip – Persian Sand LX Sedan
Jurgen came as a passenger with Craig
Ralph came for a look without his car
cops 1  cops 2
cops 3

Chevalier College Car Show


Sunday 27th October 2013

As usual a good show and good weather.
Our group arrived over a period of about an hour – some early to pick the location and others just running late.
Several hundred cars of all makes and models were on display although some thought there were fewer cars than last year.
Our group consisted of:
Alan – Yellow LX Hatch
John – Cerise LX Hatch
Terry – Grey LX Hatch
Tony – Green LX Sedan
Matt – Blue LX Sedan
Jason – Black LC Gtr
Al – White LX Hatch
Darren – Green LX Sedan
Bill – Green LX Sedan
Hans – White LJ GTR
Mal – Orange LJ XU1
Ian – White LX Sedan


Warragamba Damfest


Sunday 20th October 2013

Simon and Alan represented the club at this annual fundraising event.
Fortunately the weather was hot and sunny with not too much smoke haze about.
As usual there was plenty to see and do.
Lots of cars and bikes on display and a lot of street stalls catering for everything you could want.

Always a good event to attend.


Canberra Weekend


Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October 2013

Only 5 cars made the venture to Canberra. Meeting at the truck stop near the Picton turnoff, we headed through a thick smoke haze till we came to Cockington Green in Canberra. There we wandered around for a few hours admiring all the gardens etc before having  lunch in the grounds.  For Donna and Pete who had never been here before, it turned out to a very enjoyable adventure.

We then headed to our motel in Queanbeyan for a rest and some well earned liquid refreshments. After having dinner at the local Leagues Club we headed back to our motel for some more amber liquid. We all thoroughly enjoyed each others company full of laughs and fun.

On Sunday morning after a very hearty breakfast at a local cafe, we went up to Mt Ainslie for a look across Canberra but unfortunately the skies were quite full of smoke haze so it was a little difficult to see all of Canberra. We then made our way to the War Memorial to view the magnificent artifacts that are held in this building. It was well worth the visit.

We then headed for home as a group keeping an eye on  Pete as he was having problems with his car stalling a number of times whilst on the road. We managed to sort his problem out for a problem free run home.

Our thanks must go to Pat from the ACT & Queanbeyan Pre 80′s Car Enthusiasts who met us at Cockington Green and became our host and guide over the 2 days. He led us too our destinations enthusiastically and it was greatly appreciated

Those who attended were:
Donna     LH sedan
Craig & Jeannine    LC Sedan
Peter   LH Sedan
Gavin  LX Hatch
Jurgen & Robyne   Holden Cruze



Power Steering Racks For Sale


Power steering rack conversion kits to suit Holden Torana LH, LX, UC.
There are two models available standard & variable ratio kits. These kits are a direct bolt on, no mods needed to steering column or K-frame.
Due to so many different engines and accessories drive systems, the power steering pump, bracket & hoses are not included in kit price.
Financial members of the Sydney Torana club will receive a further $100.00 discount off the price of either rack kit.
Standard ratio kit from $2,700.00
Contact Lenny 0417678066.  axistr@people.net.au
rack   rack2



Sunday 15 September 2013
What a great weekend it was. It all started of Friday Morning with a few of us meeting up at Tony’s, before heading off to meet others at the M7 Truck stop, We travelled as a group along the M7, Pennant Hills Rd and the M1 until we arrived at the Warnervale  twin servo’s were we stopped for a break and met up with more member’s, before heading to the Motto Farm motel at Newcastle. There we met up with Other Torana Clubs that had arrived for Toranafest.

On Saturday after breakfast there was time walk through the motel to admire other owners cars, or wash our cars before the cruise down to Stockton Reserve with the other 130 torana’s that had turned up.  Belinda Peacock  drove John Shephard on the Saturday cruise.
Sunday morning saw approx 25 Toranas from various clubs meet at Thornleigh Maccas for the run up the M1 to Newcastle. It was an awesome sight to see so many Toranas in one group on the road.
There was a total of 350 Toranas assembled and on display in Newcastle.  The weather was warm and mostly sunny.  The light shower of rain was brief. But all in all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.Well done to the STC members for winning awards on the day: Gavin Anderson runner up LH, Steve Asxis runner up competition model, Al Stratton first place competition LH-LX, Rachael Taylor encouragement award.
Well done and congratulations to all the other winners.

Those attending with their car or just visiting with families were:
James & Amamda Maggs
Wayne Simpson
Jurgen Hoomans
Peter and Daniel McGlin
Ralph Falcone and David Ball
Matt Hort and son
Len and Bev Brown
Dean Moodie
Terry and Glenda Hill
Darren & Kylie Harwood
Stuart and Carol Hutcheon
Alan and Denise Reid
Steve Hood
Belinda Peacock
Matthew peacock
Greg & Veronica Jackson
Tony Natoli
Steve & Tina Axisa
Brian Taylor
Rachael Taylor
Craig & Janine Carter
Paull Gatt
Al Stratton
Keith Cunningham
Brian Apap
Matt & Amanda Rowe
Donnah Danswan
Sandy Ferrier
Daryl Elliott
Gavin aqnd Karen Adamson
Wayne Northey
Les Wilson (parked with NSW Torana Club)
Nathan Murray
David Witchard
Warren Martin
Darren Saward
Ken Scorer
Jason Ashcroft
Harvey Atkins
Rob Garcia (invited guest)
Greg Manion



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