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G’day Sydney Torana Club Members & Guests

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Next Club Run:

22nd March 2015
Leuralla Toy and Train Museum

Meet McDonald’s westbound M4 9.30 depart 10.00am

lunch in leura

Next Social Event

8th march 2015

Cars and Coffee
Meet onsite Krispy Kreme Penrith (near panthers) 8.00

22 February Kangaroo Valley


Get your diary out and mark the 22nd as day of the Torana because at 10.00am parking at Leos was at a premium all spots taken by Toranas. The STC, NSW Torana AND the GTR XU-1 owners  clubs used Leos diner a truck stop near Liverpool as starting out points. Funnily enough all were heading south. 

By 10.00 am we had 11 cars and around 25 people. A Maltese, Italian and an Indian turned up 3 abreast in a Torana, No this is not the start of a joke it was Ralph and his work colleges. We welcomed new members on their first run Steve and Mel Elms in their LJ XU-1 and Behzat Hussein and his Father Mustafa in his 2 owner SS (the original owner was in the passenger seat).

The attendees were given run info sheets, an idea which seemed to work out well. It had route info contact numbers and other info. Its success ensured this info will be made available on every run. A short drivers briefing made sure everyone knew where we were heading. The planned cruise route changed for what was originally planned due to the weather, but the run still took in some beautiful scenery. We met Alan and Denise on the out skirts of Bowral and the group headed south towards Kangaroo valley.

The spectacle of a line of Torries cruising through Kangaroo valley was a sight to behold and we certainly turned some heads everyone was well behaved. The friendly Inn was the Lunch venue and we scored a great spot out the back , live music, good company and a few cool drinks, life doesn’t get any better……well maybe except for the couple that arrived in their helicopter! Meals were delicious and came out quite quickly. With lunch eaten we filtered off to the shopping strip whilst others grabbed some shade and listened to the band.

Once everyone had spent all their money we all got together for the group shot (thanks to the GT club for taking the photo appologies for not remembering their names) then we were off on a bonus mini run just up the road to Cambewarra Mountain lookout. Alan and Denise were in the lead and we were making good pace until the bottom of the hill. We went from a leisurely 60kph to a snails pace and the little HB complained all the way to the top before blowing its top and radiator hose upon arrival.

All enjoyed the view from the top and the escape from the humidity after a look around it was time to head for home via the Robertson pie shop for desert. With the HB suffering Alan thought is best to turn straight for home with Simon following behind as backup. The climb up to Fitzroy falls proved to much for the ailing Torana, cresting the top it was smoking and screaming enough is enough where it promptly stopped dead. It was towed home needing a full engine rebuild.

Wrapping up thankyou for all who attended the run I think a great time was had by all. Photos a plenty to be had on photobucket simply follow the link below. thanks to Craig, Donnah and simon for pics.

photo bucket

Those who attended:

Simon, Sarah and Lily R                         LX SS Orange
Craig C and Janenne S                            LC GTR Orange
Dave B                                                         LJ Sedan Red
Behzat and Mustafa H                             LX SS Red
Pete and Danial Mc                                  LX Sedan Red
Troy and Mark H                                      LC Sedan Burgundy
Donnah D                                                   LH SLR Yellow
Susan, Caitlyn, Cameron and Josh F     Camry
Steve and Mel E                                        LJ XU-1 Tangerine
Ralph F, Gabriel and Chetan                 LX Sedan Aqua
James and Amanda Maggs                   LX Sedan Chamois
Alan and Denise R                                   HB Coupe White



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