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WE ARE CELEBRATING 25 YEARS IN 2015 Now we’re looking forward to the next 25 years.
G’day Sydney Torana Club Members & Guests

Welcome to the Sydney Torana Club website. It features great information on club activities, all the latest club run reports and club member news. Members cars and projects plus lots more. Look around – we hope you enjoy the site.

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Next Club Run :

2nd October
Patongo Beach Run

Meet Thornleigh Macca`s 10am depart 1030am

our route old hwy
Pub Lunch

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NOTE: If the weather is terrible we will still meet at the advertised time. We will work out an alternate dry venue (Bowling and pub lunch for example).


The S.T.C wishes to welcome and thank the sponsors to the club they are: Nepean Classic, Muscle and Kustom Cars Sydney Wide Plumbing Custom Air conditioning

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New 60 Day Log book Scheme

Launched earlier this year the STC is part of the RMS 6o day log book scheme for older vehicles. Currently the scheme is open to H plated vehicles (see Historic rego requirements on this site for eligibility)

The club has been advised the Scheme for modified vehicles will be available early 2016 and vehicles will be fitted with “C” on the scheme. Full details about the scheme and the STC eligibility requriements will be onsite soon.

 Duncan Gays Press Release Log Books

Grey Gums Café 17th July


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July saw the club gather at McGraths hill McDonalds for a run up the putty rd to the Grey Gums café. The meeting time was 10.00am, running a little late I was greeted to a full carpark of Torries, Motorbikes and Nissans. It seems we all had the same idea. This made parking a premium. For this run we had 17 Toranas, 2 Monaros, 2 Commodores, a Camaro, a 32 f a 32 f a ford (cant believe I wrote that), a Hyundai, a Malibu, a Hilux and a VF Ute….phew that was a mouthful. It made our convoy 27 cars strong and 60 people.

Simon gave the drivers briefing and handed out the route info. Those attending on the day were the first to receive the 2016 member key ring all agreed it looked the goods. We departed a little late and split in two groups, one off for fuel and the other waited up the road a little.

Our route took us through Windsor and Wilberforce then out along the putty rd for what seemed like miles and miles the road dipped and wound its way around the Colo River which made for some good spirited driving and a great view. It certainly was god’s country.

Like an oasis in the middle of a desert the café appeared out of the bush. Perfect timing as the clock stuck lunch time and bellies started to rumble. At the café there was plenty of room from parking and enough seating to accommodate our large group. Every one grabbed a table and went and ordered lunch. Speak to Donnah about the sausage rolls or more to the point a meat loaf wrapped in pastry! Lunch eaten and kids worn out our group drifted off home in dribs and drabs (although a few stayed back to get desert).

It was great to see some new faces and cars joining us for the day. Thankfully after a rocky start the sun poked through the grey and the weather held out. The food, the company and the venue were great. Any excuse to talk Toranas. A big thank you to all those who attended making another great day out with the STC.

Report by Simon R


19th June 2016 Hartley Club Run


Only the committed, or should that read only people that should be committed ventured out on a wet Sunday. The weather radar painted a pretty bleak picture of what was in store for us. But never the less we meet up at McDonalds M4 a seemingly regular meeting point for the club. Not expecting many to brave the weather we had an unexpected 9 Toranas and 4 others making the total 13 for the day.

It was good to see some new faces Chris and his partner coming along for the day to see what the STC is all about. Mark (a member for 12months) his partner Tara and the two kids also made their first trip with the STC in their purple LX.

After a quick briefing we set off as the rain started (and never stopped). The route took us through the lower mountains to our rest stop at Hartley. Anyone that owns a Torana knows even the slightest amount of rain the demister calls it quits! This made navigating the roads a little tricky at times. Never the less I love the foggy wet weather in the mountains it makes me think of cosying up to a roaring fire with a drink and watching the world go by.

Our planned run was cut short due to the rain. We were off down the bells line of road after lunch but we thought it safer to head back the way we came. We piled into The Imperial Hotel for a hearty pub lunch. Every one ordered their drinks with a side of “Toasty Buns” slowly turning around like a BBQ chicken near the roaring fire. Lunch was the usual Steak sandwiches and Chicken Schnitzels (Donnah’s without any of the “Green Rubbish” as she put it). The only negative was some of the Schnitzels came out under cooked….well raw but this was quickly rectified. Lunch finished we all made our separate way back home.


Run Report by Simon Reid

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