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WE ARE CELEBRATING 25 YEARS IN 2015 Now we’re looking forward to the next 25 years.
G’day Sydney Torana Club Members & Guests

Welcome to the Sydney Torana Club website. It features great information on club activities, all the latest club run reports and club member news. Members cars and projects plus lots more. Look around – we hope you enjoy the site.

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Next Run

19th February Palm Beach Evening Cruise 
Run: Fish and Chips by the beach
Meeting point:  McDonald’s Eastern Creek East bound
Time: 4.00pm 4.30pm Departure.

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NOTE: If the weather is terrible we will still meet at the advertised time. We will work out an alternate dry venue (Bowling and pub lunch for example).

The S.T.C wishes to welcome and thank the sponsors to the club they are: Nepean Classic, Muscle and Kustom Cars Sydney Wide Plumbing Custom Air conditioning

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New 60 Day Log book Scheme

Launched earlier this year the STC is part of the RMS 6o day log book scheme for older vehicles. Currently the scheme is open to H plated vehicles (see Historic rego requirements on this site for eligibility)

The club has been advised the Scheme for modified vehicles will be available early 2016 and vehicles will be fitted with “C” on the scheme. Full details about the scheme and the STC eligibility requriements will be onsite soon.

 Duncan Gays Press Release Log Books

December Xmas Party 2016



December Xmas Party a hot Sunday in December the club headed out to Prospect reservoir for the annual Xmas party. A few of us got out there early to secure our spot and set up. Sandy was put in charge of the catering and party supplies. He had something on and couldn’t attend and passed the trailer delivery duties to Darren and Kylie. Disaster struck first thing with the trailer suffering a flat. Never the less we got everything unpacked and set up as the first party goers arrived.It was good to see so many members turn up and even a few prospective members hopefully we will see more of. Lunch was expertly cooked by Darren and Ralph or as he is now Known, Matt Preston. Sandy out did himself catering almost to the sausage and Steak there was  also salad on offer. bbq2016

November Green Patch Picnic Run



Green Patch Picnic  12 months previous the club tried to make it to this piece of paradise on the south coast but the weather leading up to it was abominable. This year proved to be alot different which meant picture perfect weather. We met at Leos Diner early sunday morning and leisurely cruised down the freeway. Originally we had planned to travel via Appin but we ditched that plan in favour of Picton road as the convoy for kids was happening on that route at the time we were heading through. We caught up Jason and the Saywards so the change worked out perfectly.

We caught up with the Trucks at Mt Ousely and momentarily joined their convoy thankfully they kept to one lane and we we able to go around them it was a sight to behold thousands of trucks people lining the freeway. The traffic jam cleared just before albion park annd we were back up to speed and on wards to our pit stop / fuel stop,

We stopped at the South nowra service centre and replenished liquid for both the thirsty Torries and Drivers..We caught up With Alan and Denise who came across from the southern highlands. Fueled and refreshed we made the short trip to our destination Green patch picnic area.

Our lunch spot was great we had ocean views beautiful white sands and a green forest back drop. We setup our camp around the BBQ shelter and settled in for the afternoon.

Lunch was gourmet delight with the usual sausages and onion sandwiches. Thanks goes to the chefs cooking up a storm for all.

The wild life dropped in for a visit and turned out to be tame and took bread for your hands. Boy didn’t this set up the afternoon for a bit of fun. What started as one quickly turned into 5 then 25 then 50 then 100. we momentarily lost a few club members in a sea of green. We also had a visit from birds of the bikini clad kind and someone snapped a candid picture claiming they were taking photos of the birds……yeah right Donnah! we all had a good laugh.

Bellies full and the hours ticking away plans were made to head for home, with a stop off at Berry for some hot doughnuts of course. It wasnt to be, a head on just the otherside of Berry closed the roads in both directions. Sandy called back to say the trip home was diabolical so fortunately I was able to turn off and head home via kangaroo valley. It seems George, Kate and the Kids had the same idea catching up with them in the valley. I forgot what a good run it was through the back roads.

Thanks goes out to all those who attended and it made another wonderful day out with the club.

Report by Simon R