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26th May 2015 Picton Go Karting

kart 1

 A smaller than usual crowd turned up at our meeting point at Leo’s Diner at Casula for our run to Picton Go-Karts  for our annual dose of addrenelin seeking fun. We casually travelled down the freeway  towards the Picton turnoff in a convoy of 5 Toranas, a VY  Commodore, a VF SS and a Honda. The weather cool but nice and a cloudless sky made for an enjoyable run.  We were also escorted by the NSW Torana Club to the Picton turn off,they where on a run down south to Jamberoo.

As we approached the entry to the Go-Karts we were met by Janene filming all the cars entering the facility along with the races and lunch to be put on YouTube at a later time.  Upon arrival we were met by other members who made the more direct journey straight there.These included Alan and Denise, Jason and Brian, Peter & Daniel, Greg Jackson,  and Sandy and Susan and their children.

A few members took the opportunity of racing. Small numbers, but at least we had a lot of room to let our hair down as we were the only ones on the track. As far as times went the 1st three fastest karts were only split by 3/10ths of a second and all the rest were within 3 seconds so it was fairly close racing. In the 2nd heat we had our originals again but at least a further 8 people joined us. Racing became a little more difficult as they proved to be a lot slower than us (one in particular dangerously slow) and at times driving 3 abreast so passing became difficult. Still, we had a great time and will be back again next year.

All the karts had transponders so lap times were in black and white on a print out. It made it easy to work out who came where. Boy weren’t the excuses flying as to why times were slow, from traffic to slow karts even God got a mention in there somewhere!

Simon had organised Certificates for quickest times averaged over the 2 races.I, embarrassingly came in 1st, Darren 2nd and his son Corey 3rd.Donna was given the distinction of getting the Miss Daisy award for slowest time  (only by 2.5 seconds as the racing was that close), seems odd considering how she drives her Torana. I also had the dubious honour of receiving the Resident Lunatic award as I had some, lets say “unorthodox” ideas on how to best get around the track.

We then left for our lunch to the Camden Valley Inn taking the back road through Douglas Park. It was unusal to see the roads speed limit at 100 its like tarmac that time forgot. When we arrived there the place parking was at a premium, it was packed out. We managed to find an area where just about all of us could park together. We then found our reserved table and started to order our lunch and have a couple of ales. The menu sounded quite fancy but the meals were traditional pub fare Schnitzels, Steaks and Fish left no one with a grumbly tummy.Then the fun began. My grandson Cooper had an opportunity to have his face painted. Not to be left behind Lily Reid had her face done also. Such a cute couple. Not to be outdone and after a bit of badgering Donna had Tweety Bird painted on her left cheek.The laughter that came with it just made our day just that more fabulous. Donna, you are a legend.

After finishing our meal we then went our separate ways. Overall, a great day, even the weather was kind to us.

See you on the next run

Those who attended were

Craig C and Janene S  LC 2 door Turnpike Orange
David B     LJ 4 door Red
Darren & Corey  H  LX Hatch White
Alex N  (Guest of Darren)
Todd, Dane & Martin  B  VF SS Blue
Gavin P   VY Blue
Warren M   Honda Blue
Donna D  LH sedan Yellow
Simon, Sarah & Lily R   LX Hatch Orange
Jurgen, Robyne & Cooper H  LJ 2 Door Red
Jason and Brian A   LC GTR Black
Greg J J 2 Door Purple
Alan and Denise R  CV8-Z Monaro Black
Sandy and Susan, Caitlin, Cameron and Josh F Silver Camry
Peter and Daniel Mc  LX 4 Door Red
kart 3  kart 2


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