19th March 2017 Wisemans Ferry Lunch Run.


Our meeting point at Thornleigh for the run was a little unorthodox considering our destination. We met early to grab some breaky befroe we were to embark on our 2.5 hour journey down to wisemans. In the preceeding days copious amonuts of the wet stuff had been falling from the heavens and there was some concnern the river may be up and the ferry not operating. Could you imagine driving all that way to be turned around? We would have had a mutiny on our hands. The decision was made to scrap the planned route and head to wisemans via dural better to be safe than sorry.
As per last run each member was handed a playing card this was their lucky door prize number Simon then drew from another pack until we had a winner. That lucky duck this time around was Michael Moore scoring himself a $50.00 rare spares gift voucher. It was only Michaels second run with the club and he scored himself the prize.As we hit the black stuff the rain started a drizzle at first then to the point where my wipers almost could not keep up. our trip took in the natural rugged beauty of the of the area although at some times hard to see but on our approach to the run down to Wisemans some body upstairs must have been looking out for us and the weather miraculously started clearing and the rain stopped.

The re route wiped over an hour and a half off the trip time making our arrival into town about 11.00am so in usual club fashion we all stood around chatting and talking Torries. Stuart and Carole rolled into town in their recently finished HB four door. Not something you see every day and the car looked tops in its metallic blue paint scheme with new white trim. The bistro opened at 11.00 so an early lunch/brunch was decided on at the pub. as we were all parked there anyways. It was the usual pub fare of Schnitzels, Battered fish and Burgers. Big meals and every one was filled.

We chatted away the afternoon and it was time to leave. Some of us took the opportunity to visit the ferry and check things out i was amazed at how calm the river was considering the aforementioned deluge. We took the chance for some more shots before turning our heads for home. Thanks to all who came.

Report and Pics by Simon R


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