19th May 2017 STC Go Kart Challenge

The not to miss motorsport event of the year was held in May. Forget Le-Mans or Bathurst or even F1! The place to be was the Annual STC Go Kart Challenge held at the Indy 800 Kart Track in Wilberforce. We met at the Mcdonalds car park in Mcgraths Hill for the short trip to the track. It was great to see plenty of faces in attendance. By 10.00 it was time to hit the road and head to the track.

Sandy had got there early and roped off a good spot on the grass for everyone to park and we filled the area to capacity, be sure to check out all the pics it was truly a sight to behold.

For those having a steer it was time to wander over and check in. $60 got us 2 15 minute sessions. Our group was split into two and it was time for the first session to start.

The track itself was quite challenging it had a good mix of twisty bits and fast bits in some places a little rough but this added to the expirience.

The old saying when the flag drops the bulldust stops proved to be a lie as the first group disembarked full of excuses on why they were not as fast as they thought they should be. The times to beat at the pointy end were in the low 53 seconds.

The karts themselves were old but in good nick but the same could not be said for the tyres, they had seen a few laps in their time this made the karts have quite a bit of understeer but they were all very similarly matched. It was easy to forget just how physical the track was muscling the karts around and by the end of everyones second heats you could see the exhaustion in alot of faces, others were red as beet roots and most had aches and pains.

In the end 52.40 seconds was the winning time posted by Lee a friend of Simon’s that came along for the day. Second went to a friend of Ben’s, Andrew and third went to Gavin’s son Cam. No members got the tin ware this time. Amanda had the dubious honour of ‘Miss Daisy’ cruising round the track, laid back arm out the window. All in good fun she had a smile on her face from ear to ear.

With the awards presented it was time for the lucky door prizes and congratulations to the Winner Andrew Hodgson he scores the $50.00 although with the amount of folding he has handed over at Rare Spares the voucher is merely a drop in the ocean. Donnah got the second chance pick of the box of Ryco goodies donated by John.

With the day run and won it was time for lunch our original plan was to head up to the newly renovated Kurrajong Heights hotel but due to the number of attendees the venue was changed to the Pitt Town sports club for a few ales tall stories and a pub lunch. With drinks drunk and food eaten we chatted away the afternoon and pointed the Torries noses for home. Thanks to all who came out i hope you had as much fun as i did.

Report By Simon R


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