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January 2018 Barefoot Bowling Camden.



attentionOur first run for the year is traditionally Barefoot bowls, an event seemingly loved by many. We like to try different venues each year and this time we chose Camden Beach Sports at you guessed it….Camden.

Our meet point was Leos at Casula at 4.00pm as our booking was for 5.00pm. Temperatures (being January) were hot enough to fry an egg so only a brave (or crazy) few bought their Toranas for a spin most took the opportunity to ride in air conditioned comfort. Our short cruise route took us through Denham court and Narellan on the way to our Destination.

We pulled over just outside Camden to get everyone caught up temps inside the Torana were getting a little uncomfortable although my car did not get much over 110. Donnah and Tweety were getting a Tad hot under to collar though. With the group caught up we headed into town and onto the sports club found a parking spot and headed inside for refreshment. 

We settled in for some Beers and a cool of in the AC. Simon went off to organise the Bowls. Our Hosts for the evening were Bruce, Blake and Jai. There to lend a helping hand keep an eye on us and organise drinks for us. They were very accommodating.

Split in to groups we hit the greens to have a roll and as usual hilarity ensued. At the end of the game there was a sudden death roll off to determine a winner. Bowl out of bounds you are out and furthest from the Jack you’re out! There was a feeling of love in the air when Bruce singled Donnah out for special but in the end it did not help her because It came down to Sandy and Angela in the final, with Angela scoring the win and the Free Drink as a prize, Well Done. Poor Bruce was left broken hearted by Donnah. All in good fun though.

Dinner was in the Bistro and I have to say the food was excellent well priced and big serves. After a few more ales and a chat the time was getting on and it was time to leave. Bringing an end to another STC run. Thanks to all who came it made it an enjoyable Sunday evening.
Report By Simon R



Xmas Party Kurnell 10/12/17.



This year saw the club bound for Botany bay for our annual Xmas party. There was some trepidation in the lead up to the event as parking was tight.

Getting there around 9am there was another group well in the throws of setting up what looked like a monster party. By 10am members were turning up. Our shady spot in the middle of the parklands turned out to be the primo spot and parking was no issue. As usual we filled the parking area with a veritable rainbow of the Generals finest…..and a Camry

The weather could not have been better just a light zephyr to make the temps really comfortable. Thanks goes out to Sandy for the organisation of the food and beverages, he perfectly catered the day with Sausages, Salads, Chips and Dips. Not to mention a tip of the hat to the BBQ crew cooking the sausages to perfection. (apparently under some tutelage from Donnah).

A few took the opportunity to dip a toe in the water and have a run on the sand whilst others shot the breeze and relaxed under the shade of the trees. After Lunch dessert consisted of some yummy cakes and Santa (with the help of Robynne) had lolly bags for the Kids (both small and the big kids).

After a relaxing day it was time for the pack up and head for home. Thanks to all who came I really enjoyed the day.








Report by Simon R