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21st July Dent repair class VG Auto Paints.



It was something a little different for our July club run. We met at Mcdonalds M4 ready for our short trip over to Girraween and our destination VG Auto Paints to take part in a Panel ant Paint repair class. We arrived on site around 8.15 for an 8.30 start. A quick meet and greet and a photo op out the front with our hosts then it was off inside to grab a seat and start the class. Our Teachers for the day were Dave and Mark and they started the class of with a bang….literally putting a dent in a front guard with a hammer. We were then taken through the steps of Sanding, filling, etch priming, spray putty, guide coat and blocking to prep the panel ready for base coat. They clearly explained Spray Gun setup and each step. They also answered all our questions we had.

VG Auto Paint use and recommend Concept paints and whilst they were preparing for the next few step we were treated to a presentation from the national sales manager. Interestingly Concept paints is Australian made and exported around the world. He answered questions regarding water base and Concepts better option and once finished presented all of us with a goodies bag and shirt. 

Back to Dave and Mark we were ready for clear coat and I was surprised how it looked off the gun, very flat. If it was me I would have sanded it back and started again so there was a great tip for me. A few members took the opportunity to have a go at spraying clear.

The demo panel was set aside and one they prepared earlier put in its place. Dave hit it with 1200 to flat it back showing us what to look for and then put the buff on it. The panel was transformed in the few minutes he worked it. he further refined it with some swirl remover. The red sample panel really popped.

It was time for a break and a leg stretch before the last session. On our return there was a Mitsubishi with terrible paint was to be the focus of our attention. First were the faded headlights a quick cut with 1000 and a coat of clear had them good as new it was amazing the difference.

Then it was on to the paint with the Clay bar, or more specifically the synthetic clay disc. Better this as it can be washed and reused if dropped. We were then shown swirl removal and buffing to a mirror shine.  For this last part of the demo it was how to apply Ceramic coat. The sample panel was Black with a purple pearl so it easily shown any imperfections. With a simple wipe of the product I was awestruck with the depth of finish on the paint. Definitely something I am going to hit my car with. And with that the class was over. There were lucky door prizes and winners had a card under their seats on offer were sprayguns waxes and other items congratulations to the winners.

Thank you to our hosts Dave and Mark for an informative lesson and we showed our gratitude with a round of applause. Then it was out to the shop to gather supplies for our projects.

Lunch was a quick trip over to the Royal cricketer arms for a schnitzel and chips and a relaxing drink before turning our heads for home. All agreed there should be more of these types of event so if there is a lesson or a factory tour you might think interesting drop the club a message and let us know.


June 10th Muscle Car Masters.


A favorite event of the STC is the annual Muscle car masters held at eastern creek. As usual tickets were secured for club members to park in the Car Club Corale. Interestingly this year our parking was track side on the skid pan circuit this made us feel part of the action and it was a welcome bonus we did not have to walk miles to get to the cars during the day.

Congratulations to the event organizers on another job well done. The variety of cars and racing was excellent.  Some members took the opportunity to participate in Hammer time an 80% pace event with passing only permitted on the straight.  The entry fee got them 3 days of lap time and a whole lot of smiles.

Donnah was lucky enough to arrive late and get a chance to cruise the track and she is still smiling from ear to ear. The weather this year was a bit iffy with a few showers throughout the event. This made for good racing and thankfully no incidents. As usual pit lane was open and allowed us to get an up close look at some of the past and present racing greats and the other car displays were excellent.
By late afternoon and more rain the day drew to an end and we filtered out towards home. Great day and once again, thank you to all who attended on the day.

For more photo and video footage of the day head on over to the STC Facebook members only page