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June 17th Observation Treasure hunt. Newington Armoury


It was a rather cool start to the d when we met at McDonalds Liverpool Megacentre for the Sydney Torana Club Observation Rally. 

Hellos and hot coffee were followed by our instruction sheet, questionnaire and route directions provided by Simon, with a warning that some of the observation questions would be more difficult than others. It was amazing how many people immediately consulted Google to seek some of the answers before we even left the carpark!  

As the group headed out 1 Torana needed a push start and always there was help on hand, although the quick jump start left one member flat on her face on the road. No damage except wounded pride. 

Out in the traffic, the route directions were easy to follow and this year nobody got seriously lost but the questions being answered may have caused a few disagreements between driver and passenger. 

The final destination was Newington Armory where a BBQ lunch was planned. 

Everyone arrived and it was a case of comparing answers and consulting Google for some of the required information about the Armory. 

All the sheets were handed to the committee for analysis and the rest of the group settled in for a chat while the cooks, Sandy and Gavin started lunch and being a cool and windy day the hot sausages were welcomed.

To avoid the issues of last year with the luckiest kid in Australia guessed correct answers, This year three unique items starting with S T and C earned 5 bonus points. Thinking caps were donned and the weird and wonderful surfaced. the winning items were S – Sanitary items T- trailing arm (who the hell carries those around?) and C- Traffic cone. It seems petty theft is not above some members.

It was then time for the results of the rally: Judges decisions were final and NO correspondence would be entered into! 

First Place went to Amanda and Matt
Rowe and a prize of a club jacket 

Second Place went to Nathan Harvey and a prize of a club cap 

Third place went to Mark and Cathy Grovener and a prize of a club mug. 

For the rest of us, WE WERE ROBBED! 

Despite the cool weather it was a great day out and one to look forward to next year where we might all do a little better with observations.  


Alan & Denise Reid 


6th August 2017 All Holden Day.



The first weekend in August always sees the club attend the All Holden day. This year was extra important as it was a celebration of 50 years of the mighty Torana with the focus on the first incarnation of the Marque, the HB. The Club had two great examples on display. Alans white 67 two door S and Stuarts 68 Blue four door SL.

It was a Surprisingly warm start to this years event with not even a hint of frost. That however did not stop some from wrapping them selves in blankets coats beanies and anything else that could provide warmth. I think the Hayward girls were hiding under a pile of them somewhere.

The committed Members arrived from 6.30 and over the course of the next hour and a half we gradually filled our traditional spot on the corner  till it was bursting at the seams. Where we were set up we were able to watch the entry procession file in. It was a great way to see all the cars with out the long walk. Also ear marking a few for a closer inspection later in the day.

Darren took charge this year and became architect, organising the STC display and what a great job he did. Our site has never looked better. We had or flags flying banners hung and the Club tent erected in no time flat. With Toranas in every shade of the rainbow the new window banners tied everything together and added an air of cohesiveness to the display.

The quality of cars this year was great something for everyone. Every second car seemed to be a Torana and they were from mild to wild. Stand out for me was, was, I couldn’t decide obviously  it was a Torana (little biased) there was a heap of awesome cars. The club had 28 Toranas  2 Geminis and a VK. 

A steady procession of members dropped in for a visit throughout the day. most hit the STC stand when the BBQ was fired up for lunch. Once again Darren and Kylie took charge. Was it hunger or a willingness to help, I say a bit of both.

Thank you goes to them for not only cooking the Sausages and Onions but sharing a huge pack of chicken burgers with everyone, they even bought salad. It was truly a gourmet delight. I think they have spoilt us now.

2.00pm the usual ‘cut up a Ford and torch it’ prelude to the Trophies kicked off. shortly after prizes were handed out. Congratulations to Ben Pryde winning an award for his gorgeous Orange LJ Coupe, Greg Manion for his Orange Hatch and Stuart Hutcheon for his HB four door. We missed out on the Best club display that went to The V8 Holden owners Club and second to the SS owners club I calling STC third but in any case as I said earlier ours was the best it had ever looked.

This just about wrapped the day up and cars started to file out the gate. The secret is to wait around for a while to avoid the traffic jam on racecourse road. This gave Jullian (Ralphs young son) ample opportunities to take more pictures. He is obsesssed, running his phone out of batteries he was quickly filling up poor old dads phone. His day was made when entrants leaving slowed down, gave the engine a rev and a big thumbs up. The smile on his face was infectious. All in all another top AHD bring on 2018.

Report By Simon R