About Sydney Torana Club

The Sydney Torana Club was formed in 1990 with the aim of bringing together people who share a common interest, the TORANA. No matter what the interest, or the type and model of Torana owned; whether it be stock or modified, show-class, daily driven or just a hack, everyone is welcome.

The club is not only intended for those whose Torana is restored or road registered, but also for those who are in the process of rebuilding or restoring the Torana to its former glory.

We encourage everyone to come along and experience and enjoy the social aspect of the club as they work on their project and take advantage of the networking opportunities and benefits that the club provides.

As the Sydney Torana Club is a participant in the NSW RMS Historic Registration Scheme we can offer members the opportunity of having their Torana on Historic Club Registration. See details in the “Historic Rego” section of this page.

As well as enjoying a wide variety of events with a friendly, family orientated group of people, you may also benefit from the knowledge and experience of others who are also in the process of, or have already restored their Torana.

We are a club for Torana enthusiasts, whatever the stage of the proces you may be at.

The club is run by its members for its members and all suggestions and input are always welcome.

Communications with members is via our newsletter, email, monthly meetings and phone. Members with email access are provided with email reminders of upcoming events.

Newsletters are produced and distributed every two months and members are encouraged to contribute with articles of interest.

All Enquiries: